How to choose your insoles?

The position of the ft .

The feet is your unique interface from the body with the ground. Excellent primordial part in the biomechanical stability from the human body. Each day, the feet support you and support the pounds of your physique. It allows you to move forward and allows you to maintain your balance.

Precisely what is the use of soles?

A lot of people feel bad about their boots and shoes and incriminate the unit or company while the shoes are manufactured with a precise condition to have a reliability in manufacturing. You could feel bad within your shoes because the shape is certainly not adapted to your morphology for example. But you can limit this matter by investing in your boots and shoes adapted insoles.
Depending on the volume of your shoes, you can replace or perhaps superimpose the inner soles. You may overlay bottoms to load the size and get the proper volume in the shoes or else you can replace the soles by adding a pair more comfortable and adapted to your morphology plus your needs.

Polyurethane foam insoles, what exactly is it?

The most common materials in feet is PU (Polyurethane) foam with open up cells. It allows a good absorption of the perspiration and avoids the stagnation on the humidity talking to the foot and thus the proliferation of the bacteria. Thus, the foam definitely will promote the circulation of air and regulate the humidity which results in a better aeration of the legs. This light-weight, durable and aging material will give you better shock absorption and foot stability. This type of bottom is ideal for persons standing all day long because it minimizes the pressure exerted on the points of contact with the ground.
It will be easy to add to these types of soles a textile covering (polyester, egyptian cotton etc . ) for the evacuation of sweat or possibly a leather layer, a materials well known to absorb moisture and ideal for daily use in metropolis, such as feet Confort 95 Aptonia household leather (3 logistik thick) and Aptonia Ease leather insoles (5 logistik thick).
Gel soles, the gender chart?

The bottoms composed of skin gels guarantee an excellent damping before and behind for your ft as well as a very good absorption on the shocks. The soles on this type could be cut for any perfect fit, they can thus adjust to all the shoes or boots.
Ideal for most sports activities, gel soles limit the vibration in order to get a real ease and comfort even during an intense attempt. Moreover, they may be most often perforated to promote the aeration of your feet and can possess an antibacterial covering.

Choose your soles according to your sport

There are soles suitable for the sport practice and your desires:
If you practice a linear sport, backpacking, running, sporting or riding a bike, we recommend the bottoms of the GREAT SHOCK Aptonia selection. They are made up of a width of 5mm which gives an excellent cushioning and inserts in PoronĀ® (an effective material for a better absorption of the shocks and a long duration of the life on the damping) or perhaps in carbamide peroxide gel which enable more comfort to the impact in the foot in the grass.
If you are participating in a pivot, trail, golf, football, baseball or game sport, we recommend the Stability 500 insoles from Aptonia that will give you stability on your sport.

Footbed for warm feet:

You will discover insoles that allow you to keep your toes warm in the winter months. The underside is manufactured out of a believed material, real insulation in contact with the floor inside the insole. The best, in contact with the skin, is synthetic wool the industry real source of heat and which gives you a real ease and comfort. We advise the how to get taller which offer an additional five degrees based on the climatic check performed.

How to cut the soles to suit your size?

Remove the insole that is previously inside your shoe and get the new outsole. Position the two bottoms on one one other and follow the template with the sole to cut out your different sole.