The feet is formed neither of them more or less than simply by 28 bone, 16 joint capsules, 107 ligaments and twenty muscles. This kind of heap of elements is likewise multiplied by simply two, so it is fundamental to take care of both toes, since they are the ones that support the body weight.

The role on the foot

The foot is the only get in touch with of the human body with the place. And as such, it plays a fundamental role inside the biomechanical balance of the human body. The feet support you and support the weight of your overall body daily. That they move you forward and allow you to keep the balance.

Exactly what are the shoe insoles for?

Many people do not be happy with their shoes and boots and blame it on the model or maybe the brand, nonetheless keep in mind that footwear is constructed with a correct shape to get a consistent and homogeneous. Therefore you may not be pleased with your shoes because your shape is not really tailored to your physique. The good thing is that you can limit this problem by simply inserting adapted shoe insoles inside the sneaker.

Depending on the size of the sneaker, the taller inserts for guys can be changed or overlapped. The footwear insoles may be superimposed to fill the lining volume of the shoe and achieve a appropriate volume, and also can be changed and add even more comfortable shoe insoles and better designed to your physical and your demands.

What are froth insoles?

The most commonly used material in the insoles is PU foam (polyurethane) with open cells. That allows a superb absorption of the perspiration and prevents which the humidity is definitely sealed talking to the foot and proliferate the bacterias. The foam also favors air circulation and the regulation of dampness to play a role in a better oygenation of the ft. This material, which is light, resilient and ageing well, will give you better shock absorption and higher stability in the feet. This sort of insole is ideal for people who are located all day, since it relieves the pressure exerted on the points of contact with the floor.

A sheet coating (polyester, cotton, etc . ) can be added to these kinds of shoe insoles for the evacuation of perspiration, or maybe a skin layer, a materials well known meant for absorbing water and well suited for everyday utilization in the city, such as Aptonia Convenience 100 insoles (with a thickness of three mm) plus the Comfort 300 Aptonia household leather insoles (5 mm thick).

What are gel shoe insoles?

The serum insoles promise a very good front side and rear damping and a good consumption of the has an effect on. The boot insoles on this type can be cut for your perfect fit, and so fit any kind of shoe or perhaps shoe.
They are ideal for all sporting activities because they will limit vibrations and provide wonderful comfort actually during extreme efforts. Additionally , they are usually permeated to prefer aeration on the feet and may also have an antibacterial coating.

Choose the boot insoles depending on your sport

There are boot insoles used to your sport practice as well as your needs:
should you practice a linear sport, like the crossing, the jogging, the sport strut or the riding a bike, we advise the models of the range of SHOCK of Aptonia. They have a thickness of 5 logistik, which provides a good cushioning, and PoronĀ® inserts (a technological material that improves the absorption on the impacts and increases the life long the damping) or of gel, that allow a larger comfort when the feet impact with soil.

When you practice a pivotal sport, such as the trek, tennis, basketball, basketball or perhaps rugby, we all recommend the Stability 500 boot insoles by Aptonia, which will give you steadiness during sports practice.

boot insoles to obtain hot foot:

There are boot insoles where you can keep your feet warm in winter. The lower part consists of a felt-like material, which isolates the insole from contact with the ground. The upper component, in contact with your skin, is made of synthetic wool, an excellent source of heat and provides a fantastic sense of comfort. We all recommend the Warm Aptonia shoe insoles, which offer an additional 5 degrees according to the climatic test performed.

How will you cut the shoe insoles to fit these people and the right size?

Remove the footwear insole that comes with the footwear or boot and take the new shoe insole. Place the two shoe insoles one over the other and follow the shape of the old footwear insole to slice out the new shoe insole.