In this instruction we want to describe the main points to consider when configuring a router in order to have the highest possible speed and also the best balance and to make sure that all cable connections are properly made to the world wide web.

Each router is a globe and therefore it truly is impossible to convey with certainty where each section is located in each version. In each section we are going to put some instances of different models that will help to find the related section in each several model, nevertheless , if you may still find doubts instead of the corresponding portions can start a query within our forums in which the community will be enchanted help.

How to Gain access to the Router’s Web Settings
The easiest way to set up a router is to do it through the net server it provides. This provides an interface attainable from virtually any web browser so that from there we are able to configure a lot of the basic areas of this.

In order to access the router we simply have to enter in our internet browser the IP address of the same one particular, which usually compares to the one with the gateway. To learn this Internet protocol address we can start an MS-DOS window in Windows and type:


Most utilized passwords
Generally routers happen to be password secured to prevent illegal users via accessing all of them. If we possess changed the password and that we do not know it we must obligatorily restart the router for the factory beliefs to be constructed, among other things, the default account details.

In terms of arrears passwords, the most used by just about all routers happen to be:

admin /
webmaster / webmaster
1234 as well as admin
192.168.l.254 Login
admin / 1234

If non-e of them work we should check with the manual or the tag on the bottom exactly where they usually arrive written.

Configuring your router’s Wi-Fi securely and optimally
To prevent users from connecting to our access point and browsing the Internet with this connection, we should configure a number of security procedures.

The first thing for you to do is choose the type of encryption that we are going to use. We could not leave the network open since anyone will connect to this and each of our traffic examine be protected nor make use of a simple exploit algorithm which allows knowledgeable users to acquire our pass word.

The best option to select from in the security section is:

Once this type of encryption is selected, we can set up the code. Having picked a WPA2 security the password can easily have the personas we want, both uppercase and lowercase correspondence or signs.

The more sophisticated the pass word is and simple to remember to get oneself, the better.

A lot of access factors offer the possibility to change WPA2 TKIP + AES. This implies that devices which might be compatible with WPA2 will use this sort of encryption for connecting, but the ones that are not will use TKIP encryption, corresponding to WPA and less secure than WPA installment payments on your If all our devices these can be used with with WPA2 and AES we must keep this option decided on, without TKIP.

2 . 4Ghz or 5Ghz?
As for the frequency, in the event our router and all the devices attached to it assist the 5Ghz technology we should use this because it has many much less devices apply it (the 2 . 4Ghz network is in many areas saturated with devices that connect within a nearby region by Wifi to different access points), offers higher coverage, faster and better stability, however , if any one of our products do not support this consistency will not be in a position to connect to the online world, so that we should configure the network to 2 . 4Ghz and choose the least unhealthy channel.

Most current routers include automatic funnel analysis so they themselves definitely will choose the least saturated port to work with.

MAC PC filtering
A few models enable you to configure a “MAC Filtering” that evaluates all the MAC PC addresses that connect to the access point and enables or hindrances access according to the configuration.

If perhaps our AP has this function we are able to add to the “white list” the MAC contact information of our gadgets by configuring this selection so that simply those MAC PC addresses included in the white list can be connected to the Internet, giving all the other MAC PC addresses authorized) with gain access to blocked.